Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Argentina v Brazil

Before the competition, I doubt many would have had Argentina ahead of Brazil, but 2 games in for each team and they are playing in different leagues, and that is no exaggeration.

Argentina are playing around Riquelme and, not only is it working, but there isn't even room for the wonder boy Messi, who incidentally came on for a cameo appearance as sub and scored!
Meanwhile, in the other camp, Ronaldo is still ruling the roost and nobody has the guts to stand up to the porker and tell him he's out. While he insists on playing, or should I say strolling, Brazil have no pace or change of pace and have as much chance of reaching the final as .... {insert your chosen losers}

So at the moment there is no contest, they won't even meet to slug it out at this rate, as they are due to meet in the final and Brazil will get knocked out long before that.


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